How’d This Blog Come to Be?

To be honest, this blog just kind of happened, if that’s possible. I think I started tossing the idea around before I even realized it myself. I love reading food blogs and have slowly been following more and more over the years. Then I started asking friends about their blogging experience (just out of curiosity, of course! Which was true in the beginning…). I started to then really think about the blogging world—How does it all work? How do the “big timers” get paid? How is advertising involved? I’d casually ask Philip, my husband, the ins and outs of blogs, behind the scenes tech stuff. I kept asking myself, Why do I want to know these things? Do I really want to start a blog?

Then on our way to Illinois on Thanksgiving, I sat in the car…pondering, being very quiet…what if? I was scared to even mention it. It’s a stupid idea. It’d never work, I thought to myself. But then the next instant, I was brainstorming up blog names and what would make my blog unique from all the other zillion of blogs out there. I wanted it to be something I could be proud of (you’ll learn I’m a perfectionist, if you don’t already). I wanted it to showcase what I’m passionate about. Do I want to add another thing on to my life?, I thought. If I’m doing it, I’m sticking with it. Going at it 100%. It’s a lot of work Philip had said before…yeah, I know, I thought again. I know nothing about blogs. By this point, my mind was getting dizzy going back and forth.

Philip, noticing my contemplative look, finally questioned what I could possibly be so engrossed in. I tentatively told him my idea, worried what response I would get from him (it’s a lot of work; Kara, have you lost your mind?!). I should’ve known, though; he was as supportive as any husband could be and totally went with it.

With that, I thought, oh, what the heck, let’s do it. Once I have an idea, there’s no sense trying to will it away. Feeding off Philip’s enthusiasm for it, my thoughts went reeling into all directions. The rest of the car trip, we (or maybe just I) continued to get more and more excited about the possibilities and brainstormed ideas together. The development of my blog was officially underway…

It took a few months for it to actually materialize, but I’m happy to announce it’s here (I promise actual food posts are on their way)! From the beginning of this blog development, I felt the blogging food world needed more sound nutrition advice and an RD gave my blog a different spin on all the other basic food blogs out there. I didn’t want to be preachy. I didn’t want to stuff nutrition facts down your (the readers’) throats. I wanted to be real: The day in the life of Kara—an RD, but also a wife and somebody doing life just like any other person (who happens to love food).



  1. I’ve always been a casual blogger for my adventures and photos. The blogs that get really big never seemed to be my thing. However, go for it. It will be fun. I’ll add you to my reading list. ;D

    By the way, I started a personal project of my own a few weeks back. I post a weekly update on Mondays for my self improvement, picture included.

    It’s mostly a place to document things for myself but feel free to stop by sometime. Read the reason for the blog title if you think it’s strange!

    1. Blaine, thanks for checking out my blog and adding it to your list! If I become “big” or not is okay with me, I just hope to be able to encourage people to enjoy their food while eating healthfully. Way to go on your personal weight loss…keep it up and remember each day is a new day to begin again. :)

  2. I”m ‘in’…I already enjoyed your story of how it all happened and I am always in need of good ideas for healthy eating. KUDOS to you, I know you will do great at this adventure.

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