In My Home… + Weekend Getaway Recap


No matter how unready you are for the week, Mondays come around with unforgiving regularity, don’t they? Usually I’m rushing to finish up odds and ends on Sunday in order to catch even just a little bit of R & R on Sunday evening before the start of the week. But not this weekend. Nope, Philip and I had a weekend full of relaxation.

With all the moving, house projects, and general craziness going on, it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. We put aside our “home to-do list” and headed North for a weekend getaway at my aunt and uncle’s lake house. They graciously let us stay there for the whole weekend and take advantage of all of their “winter toys”.

To balance all the time we spent in front of the fire chatting, reading, and sipping on hot chocolate in the evenings, we spent a large portion of our Saturday afternoon outside. I felt like we did it all!

From snowshoeing on the lake…


To ice skating and sledding on an epic slide my uncle created, I was ready for more hot chocolate by the end of the day. :)



Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!


We can’t leave well enough alone, though. As soon as we got back, it was off to do more errands (an hour spent looking at paint samples for me. I feel like I’m farther from deciding on a color than I was before I started. *sigh*) and house projects on Sunday afternoon.


And since I’m back “in my home,” I thought I’d share a little bit about myself in the place I call home. It’s a survey I recently saw on another blog I read and I thought it tied in perfectly with my current season of life right now. Enjoy!

Household chore I actually enjoy…

Well, there’s no chore that I really enjoy, but of all the household chores, I think I’d prefer vacuuming the most. I like seeing results after I do something, and hands down, you can always tell when you’ve recently vacuumed. That said, I’m actually not the one who vacuums in our household…but don’t worry, Philip, I’m totally okay with you vacuuming for us. I don’t enjoy it that much. :)

Biggest house disaster…

If I’d been asked that about a month ago, it would’ve been our whole house, but I’m happy to say that we’ve come a long ways since we moved into our house. The room that still stands as a “disaster” in my book (which probably means “slightly messy” to others) is our basement. By no means is it really a disaster, but since it’s not currently a space we’re likely to spend much time in due to our lack of furniture, it’s where everything we didn’t need right away got dumped.

Before company arrives, I hide…

While most things are in good order, I make sure the coffee table and counter top are cleared of all random magazines, books, laptops and general clutter…as in, everything gets put on the shelf beneath our coffee table.

Most recent music download…

I honestly don’t remember the last time I downloaded music (although my husband did download the soundtrack from Once, the musical we saw last fall, and shared the music with me). But the last podcast I downloaded was Serial. Are you guys in on this 12-part murder-case series that recently came out? It was fun for Philip and I to listen to it together on our trips over the holidays and while we did house projects. Although the ending was a little underwhelming, I’d still recommend it. It was really well produced and it kept us guessing the whole time.

The last thing I bought online…

Whatda know, more house stuff! Just yesterday afternoon, I bought an “inspiration” pillow and vases for our living room from Crate & Barrel. Funny how inspiration strikes. Philip and I were looking at birthday cards recently when I saw a card that had colors and a design I really liked. We took a picture of it and are now going to try to make it into artwork for our living room using Fracture. All that to say, the pillow matched the card perfectly. If all goes as planned, we’ll have a well coordinated living room in a few weeks.

Crate & Barrel Living Room Decor

I hate to shop for…

Dresses. Ugh. I mean, how can one piece of clothing fit perfectly on your whole body? And it never fails — when I need a dress, I can’t find one. But when I don’t need any dresses, I find a million that match my shape, are the right style, and would fit the perfect occasion…if only I had that one occasion to wear it to.

Favorite family ritual…

Philip and I both grew up having stove top popcorn and we’ve kept that going on a weekly basis. Every Sunday is popcorn night for dinner. Philip makes the popcorn while I prepare the veggies and fruit to go with it. It’s simple, but I think we both equally look forward to it each week.

I sleep in…

Shorts and a t-shirt. Every night, 365 days out of the year. No matter how cold I am during the day, for some reason I turn into a furnace at night and can stay warm even on the coldest nights (with a few blankets on, of course).

I’m currently reading…

I’m rereading The Hunger Games series. Although I’ve read them once, I can’t remember what happened. At all. Before I’m letting Philip and me watch the movies, I’m making sure I read through them again. I was so glad I had the weekend to catch up on my reading since most evenings and weekends have been full of life and projects.

The Hunger Games Books

What’s up with the ___ trend?

What’s up with any diet trend? From avoiding nightshade vegetables to coconut oil pulling and cleanses, there are just too many for me to name, but seriously? What happened to just eating whole, nutritious foods and covering all 5 food groups? I’ll stop there and spare you of my ranting. :)

How did I ever live without…

Paprika! Seriously, it’s my favorite way to keep track of my recipes. If you haven’t given it a try, do it!

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.33.56 PM

I hope you enjoyed this fun read on a Monday!



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