The Start of a New Year + Trunk Club Review


Can you believe we’re already a few days into the new year?! 2016 — how did that happen?! So far, my new year is off to a fun start. I’ve unofficially declared fun as my word of the year. I think after spending so much time working on our new house for the first half of last year and being injured for the other half, I’m ready to get outside, be adventurous, and just enjoy myself this year…well, as much as I can without completely ignoring the fact that I have a full-time job and am trying to be a responsible adult.

With only four days in, I’d have to say 2016 is looking up! Philip and I had a quiet New Year’s Day that I absolutely loved. It included a little productivity with plenty of relaxation. I was able to join the rest of them at the gym and go for a swim in the morning, clean the house after all the Christmas decorations had come down (while sad to see them go, it’s nice to have all the pine needles gone and things back in order), get groceries, and do laundry all with plenty of daylight left to relax and enjoy the day. That doesn’t happen very often ever and I can’t tell you how happy it made me feel to start the New Year that way.


With chores checked off our list, Philip and I tested out our new snowshoes on snow covered trails right outside our house and cozied up on the couch to sip on tea and read with the afternoon sun streaming in through the windows. It’s the simple pleasures in the life, right? And yes, this is what I call fun:)


All of our resting up on Friday prepared us for a fun early-birthday trip to Chicago for Philip on Saturday! I loved taking it all in — the hustle and bustle of people walking up and down the streets with shopping bags in hand, the lights, restaurants, and store fronts.


The first stop of our trip was the Trunk Club’s loft in downtown Chicago for Philip to get fitted for a custom made suit. This place was cool! First, let me fill you in on what Trunk Club even is. It’s an online stylist service similar to Stitch Fix or Style Me Perfect that was originally just for men, but within the past five months has started styling for women as well. Philip started out using the service first with Sienna, his personal stylist, and I joined him later with the same stylist. We’ve loved it! It’s personal and I get real emails from Sienna and have real conversations — unlike anything I’ve experienced with other services.


What I really love is not having the pressure to buy anything when a trunk comes to our door (literally, a box that looks identical to a trunk), because there’s no fee if I’m not interested in the items sent to me — although almost always I like the items she’s picked. The clothes and accessories are high quality and things I know will last a lifetime. Seriously, Trunk Club is an amazing service I’d recommend you try out either for yourself or your husband or boyfriend.


I knew Trunk Club was a great company before, but after getting a tour of their loft, listening to their story, and actually meeting with Sienna, I love it all the more now. For Philip’s birthday, I thought it’d be fun for him to have a suit made just for him. We sat down with Sienna and Sarah, their custom sales manager, and picked out fabrics, looked at styles, and had 26 measurements taken in order to create Philip’s perfect suit. Definitely an awesome experience.




With time still left in the day, we made the most of our trip in Chicago and headed to Eataly (the part of the trip I picked out for me), a two-story mercantile/restaurant that sells all things related to Italy from wines and cheeses to breads, pasta, and chocolate — just to name a few!


I could have spent hours there wandering around, but my stomach was needing food so we sat down for some freshly made bread and prosciutto in one of their dining areas (yes, they had multiple dining areas!) before heading back out into the winter air for sushi at Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar, recommended to us by Sienna. If you’re in the Chicago area and enjoy sushi, this place is worth checking out!

Alas, we needed to end our trip to Chicago and head back to Madison, but the whole day was a fun way to start out the year. I can’t wait to share more of my fun adventures in 2016 with you!

Disclaimer: Trunk Club referral links used in post. I will earn referral credit if you click on the links in this post to sign up for Trunk Club. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for writing this post.


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