I Quit My Job and This is Why

Let’s just address the elephant in the room first. I quit my job. I mean…I QUIT MY JOB! What?! Coming from someone who stays committed the things she starts, this was a big deal. Like, majorly big deal.

Perhaps what I was embarking on next made the event of putting in my 4-week notice at the beginning of January seem like an even bigger jump-off-the-cliff type moment for me. Let me explain.

The short story:

I started my own private practice, Kara Hoerr Nutrition! As in, I own my own business. I’m a boss babe. I set my own rules. I don’t think any of this has entirely sunken in yet. Give me 5 years and ask me if it has then.

The long(er) story:

Let me start by saying, it’s been crickets over here since the start of the year. So sorry! I’ve missed this little space of mine. I feel like I’ve been holding out on you guys and, believe me, it’s been hard not to spill the beans! But I really haven’t been far; I’ve just been next door at Kara Hoerr Nutrition getting everything all ready to show you guys. You’re my little RD in the Midwest family and I wanted the big news to be complete and official. For some reason, the launch of my website made it legit to me (never mind the consults I’ve already started doing…ha).

All that to say, it’s been a busy couple of months getting everything that goes into starting a business going…forming an LLC, creating a business bank account, insurances, branding, writing website content, creating the website, accounting, choosing a scheduling and charting software (by the way, I found a great one if you’re ever in the market!), oh and did I mention website development? Whew, it’s been a long time coming. But everything has been so rewarding and empowering!

Why now? Why start a business? 

I’m glad you asked! I realized that 2019 is a milestone year for me. Philip and I are in our 5th year of marriage, I’ve had this blog of mine for 5 years, and I left my dietitian job at exactly 5 years of being there.

The word I’ve chosen for 2019 is GROWTH. My previous job was great! Wonderful, in fact. But I’m also a go-getter, a woman with ambition and drive. I needed a new challenge and, more importantly, a chance to grow in my career and really have the chance to specialize in the areas in my field I’m most passionate about. Just a month in of officially having my own business, and there has certainly been plenty of growth already! I never exactly imagined that I’d own my own business, but I guess I’m not surprised that I do now, either.

What do you exactly do now? 

I started my own private practice and I’m slowly realizing that that’s a new concept for most people. I encourage you to give my website some love and join my newsletter to really get a taste of all that I’m offering (there are some pretty sweet, unique services in there like a Fridge Reset and Family Cooking Experiences)!

In short, I offer nutrition coaching sessions for individuals looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and nutrition coaching for families who are wanting to get off the mealtime struggle bus (hello, picky eaters, mealtime meltdowns, and the pleading and nagging!). I’m sure you can relate to either one of those areas, if not both.

Honestly, I’m tired of people thinking of dietitians as the food police and the idea that all we do is tell people to eat more veggies and never eat a cookie again or else you’ll die. Because, that’s just not real life. And it’s not sustainable. My passion is to help people realize that all foods can be included in a healthy lifestyle with moderation and balance. It’s all about letting go of preconceived food rules we keep holding on to and actually listening to our bodies on what it wants and needs.

As for the struggle with picky eaters/babes just starting to eat, it’s been a lifelong passion of mine to help out families who don’t know what they don’t know. They’re frustrated, but have no idea what to do or that there even is a simpler solution to help make mealtime actually enjoyable (shocking, I know!).

So that’s what I do! That’s my why and what makes me excited to get up every single day. It’s helping everyday, normal people who want to eat a little healthier, feel a little better, and just be able to enjoy food.

What does that mean for RD in the Midwest? 

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! I’ve opted to continue to blog here (RD in the Midwest) rather than over in my new, professional space (Kara Hoerr Nutrition). So that means, nothing changes! I’ll still be providing you with some of my favorite recipes, life happenings, and some nutrition love every now and again.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming very soon! I have some great recipes ready to share with you.

In the meantime, follow along with what I’m doing at @rdinthemidwest on Instagram. But you’d be missing out on some great stories if you didn’t follow along with me at @karahoerrnutrition, too! ;)

Shout out to Maison Meredith for the AMAZING lifestyle headshots! :)


  1. Congrats on your new endeavor! I’m sure it will be a great success, if your webpage is any indication. :)

  2. Your website looks beautiful! I hope that Kara Hoerr Nutrition is a successful and fulfilling endeavor! <3

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