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Coming at you with another round of my current thoughts and ponderings! I often get some of my best thoughts and ideas while I’m out for a run or a swim…next home projects to tackle, what to start working on next for my business, what activities or trips we should do and go on, or what recipes I should make for dinner. As you may imagine, when I get home from a run and I start my sentence with “I was thinking…” to my husband, he gets a little hesitant on what’s going to come out of my mouth next. Ha!

Thankfully, I’ve pulled together just a few of my most favorite thoughts, ideas, and ponderings for you today. :)

Right now I’m…

Staying pimple free with: TreeActiv Spot Treatment. I’m 31 years old and I still deal with occasional hormonal breakouts. Ugh. Just like I’m trying to be more mindful of what I’m putting in my body, I’m also trying to be more aware of what I’m putting on my body. Not wanting to have any harsh chemicals going on my skin on a daily basis, I heard about this topical, natural cream and thought it was worth a shot after trying one too many failed creams out there. Guess what?! It’s helped a ton and actually works for my skin! Not saying it will work for everybody, but for me, it’s been super helpful. I put it on the most prone spots for breakouts every night and then wash it off in the morning. I’ve found that applying it on a consistent basis has really helped.


Excited to try: Branch Basics. Speaking of using cleaner products…shouldn’t that also go for cleaning supplies, too? I’ve slowly been transitioning my cleaning supplies to more natural products, but I’m honestly never sure if it’s actually cleaning. Am I the only one who wonders this? Either way, I’ve gotten to the point where we have multiple cleaners for different applications around the house. I’m over it. I love the fact that with Branch Basics, there’s just ONE concentrate for pretty much everything in the house. I’m going all in and am giving it a try (thankfully my husband is on board, too). So far, we’ve used the laundry detergent (yep, it’s that too!) and we’ve been pleased with the results. If you want to give it a try, use this link to get $10 off. Full disclosure, I’ll also get $10 off my next order…which will definitely be happening either way!)


Making: Beet & Goat Cheese Quesadillas. I know, it sounds kind of weird and crazy, but believe me, it’s good! The beets are seasoned with chili powder to give it a deep heat and the chili-lime crema made with plain Greek yogurt helps cool it all down. Even my husband, who probably prefers having meat of some kind in his quesadillas (and doesn’t actually like goat cheese), devoured these! In the summer, I’m often getting creative with my recipes in order to use some of the produce we get in our CSA. I could have easily roasted these beets and eaten them on their own or in salads, but it’s fun to branch out a little bit sometimes. Thanks to our CSA, I’ve also found that I like blackened zucchini tacos and eggplant gyros. I love the challenge of finding new ways to use the contents in our CSA boxes.


Craving: Bushel & Peck’s Immunichi. If you like kimchi, you’ll love this. If you don’t like kimchi, you’re going to love this. :) It’s similar to kimchi in that it’s fermented cabbage, but there’s a different twist and kick in it coming from the turmeric and ginger. So good! We recently added it onto these Korean Beef Tacos and it was probably a match made in heaven when it comes to food. The immunichi comes from a local company in Wisconsin who sells it at our farmers’ market downtown, but they also sell a lot of other good products online, too! I love that for all their products, I can read all the ingredients and everything is naturally sweetened (at least from what I’ve seen so far).


Staying comfortable in: Oofos sandals. Have you heard of oofos? I see them a lot in the triathlon and marathon world. My feet sing when I step into them after wearing running or hiking shoes all day. They’re made from foam and are made to absorb more impact than other footwear to help reduce the stress on feet and joints. Plus, their arch support helps you automatically have improved posture. Plus, they’re lightweight, so they were definitely with me on my backpacking trip to Yosemite. :)


Dreaming about visiting: Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks. We recently got back from Yosemite, but I’m already dreaming about where we want to go next. I think we’ll have a more relaxing vacation next, but the adventure trips are definitely going to be in our future again. We originally were planning on going to Banff National Park, but I’m kind of thinking another guided hiking trip to Bryce Canyon and Zion may a fun next adventure.

Fill me in, what are you currently loving, craving, or dying to go see?! 

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