Creamy Stovetop Mac & Cheese

Creamy Stovetop Mac & Cheese

Would you just look at that creamy goodness! How can you even resist? I couldn’t. My mouth waters just remembering those creamy, cheese-covered noodles my taste buds experienced when I had this on Sunday for lunch.


You know when I said a couple weeks ago I would probably start craving macaroni and cheese after talking about all my childhood favorite “recipes” (I don’t know if you can consider the Blue Box a recipe)? Well, it happened. Philip and I enjoy watching episodes of America’s Test Kitchen and soon after writing that post, they had a segment on macaroni and cheese. I took it as a sign and put macaroni and cheese on my menu planner app. It actually was supposed to be made later this week, but I couldn’t wait and it jumped to Sunday for a lunch meal. Because Philip and I usually don’t get home from church until after noon, this is definitely saying something—1) It is a breeze to make. 2) I really wanted it if I was willing to do anything but heat up leftovers or make a sandwich. We were eating by 12:30 with only one bowl and one pan dirty. Not bad clean up for Philip either! (I do the majority of the cooking, he does the dishes—it works well for us).

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